How To Find And Run Inspection In Android Studio.

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To quickly find and run an inspection, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I and start typing the name of the inspection or its group. Choose the desired inspection from the suggestion list and then specify the desired scope. 

So when you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I, a prompt will come as below.
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 Now  for example we will enter "Image" text in it.

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Then there will be available options related to searched text. Right now we will select 1st one "Image defined in density- independent drawable folder". Which will inspect in drawable folder.

It will take some time to inspect. There are two options available, first is "Cancel" to cancel the inspection and second one is "Background" to run processing in background.

After the loading completes a window will come, where it will ask you to select certain option as you can see above. we will select "whole project" because we want to inspect in whole project then click "OK".

Then a window will appear at bottom of android studio or we can open it manually by clicking "inspection" tab at left-bottom corner. Here you can see it will find a bitmap image in drawable folder according to your project.
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